Our Expert Commercial Services

Canadian Climate Control offers top-rated Commercial Services to businesses throughout the Edmonton Area.

Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigeration equipment can range from a simple split-system air conditioner, to multi-ton chillers and condensers used for cooling commercial buildings, warehouses and walk-in coolers.

Commercial Projects

Canadian Climate Control can handle projects of any size. Whether you need our services for new construction, tenant improvements, base buildings, or high rises, we can meet your all HVAC-R needs.

Commercial HVAC Service & Maintenance

Canadian Climate Control can service all types of HVAC equipment. With regular maintenance, we can find problems before they cause downtime, or prevent them all together.

Roof Top Units (RTU)

Your Roof Top Unit (RTU) provides your heating, cooling and ventilation. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the unit running smoothly and reduce costly breakdowns. Being on the roof, they often go unnoticed until they stop doing their job.

Make Up Air Systems (MUA)

A make-up air unit brings in outdoor air and conditions it to a set temperature, replacing the air pulled out by exhaust equipment. Without it, you may experience poor temperature control, backdrafting, negative air pressure, and air quality issues. Make up air is crucial to any welding, fabrication or paint shop.

Exhaust Fan Repair and Replacement

Canadian Climate Control can maintain and ensure the safe and efficient operation of exhaust fans.