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Canadian Climate Control Services Offers Expert Heat Pump Installation, Replacement, Repair, and Maintenance in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Heat Pump Services in Edmonton

It’s important to choose an experienced firm that knows what they’re doing with heat pumps. With over 25 years of experience, our technicians understand heat pump systems and can ensure they are properly installed and fully operational. From ClimateMaster to Trane, we know all brands and styles.

We can handle any system, from residential air to air units to large water source commercial heat pumps. We also offer heat pump replacement and repair services. So, if your system isn’t operating at peak performance, we can get it running smoothly again in no time.

Our response times are fast, and we always strive to exceed customer expectations. With our experienced team, we’re confident we can provide the best possible service for your heat pump needs.

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Heat Pump Maintenance and Servicing

Our experienced team will ensure your heat pump stays in top condition all year long. Regular servicing and preventive maintenance can protect your heat pump from many common issues and help it to perform well.

During a service, we inspect all the components of your heat pump to ensure everything is running well and functioning as intended.

We offer maintenance and servicing for residential, commercial, and industrial heat pumps.

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Heat Pump Replacement and Repair

Whether it’s a minor issue or something more complex, we have the know-how and resources to get your heat pump running like new again.

When you call us, we’ll assess the issue and provide the most cost effective solution without compromising on quality. We understand that a broken heat pump can be stressful and a major inconvenience. Our team works fast so you can get back to a comfortable and safe environment.

We understand that heat pumps can be expensive to replace and that’s why we offer competitive pricing on all of our services. We never cut corners when it comes to quality, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

If you need reliable heat pump repairs, call us.

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Heat Pump Installation

At Canadian Climate Control Services, we provide professional heat pump installation services, no matter the size of the property. Our experienced team of technicians have extensive knowledge of all heat pump products, including residential and commercial-grade systems.

We specialize in the installation of all types of heat pumps, including air-source, ground-source (Geothermal) and water-source systems. We pride ourselves on providing reliable, cost-effective solutions that will meet your heating and cooling needs.

Whether you’re looking for a new installation or a replacement system, our team is here to ensure your heat pump is properly installed and running efficiently.

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I came home from vacation and my condo was sweltering as my AC had stopped working. After trying to fix the issue after speaking to other residents in my building, nothing worked so I called Canadian Climate Control Services as per the recommendations of many in my building and I have to say I was not disappointed. Justin came to my home and checked out the heat pump and and other components. He was professional and so helpful. I was sure I would have a huge bill but Justin checked things out and I ended up paying a fraction of what I thought I’d be paying. He also took the time to educate me in the new thermostat.
Service was so great and I would highly recommend this company.

Menasha N

Types of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are electric-powered heating and cooling systems that circulate energy within a building. They come in a range of different types, including air source, ground source (Geothermal), and water source pumps, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are the most common type. These pumps extract heat from the outside air and transfer it inside to warm a building. They can also run in reverse to cool a building during the summer months.

Air source heat pumps are the best option for single family homes. Are they the best option for Edmonton? We don’t think running entirely on heat pump is feasible just yet. We recommend a dual fuel system if you want to take advantage of government rebates for heat pumps, but still be comfortable during cold weeks.

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ground sourced heat pump installed in a house

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source or geothermal heat pumps are ideal for colder areas, as they extract heat from the ground and use it to heat a building. These pumps are the most efficient system type, as the ground offers a reliable temperature all year round.

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water source heat pumps use the building water loop as their energy source. These pumps can be used for heating and cooling. Water source heat pumps are typically found in high rise buildings.

We are the ones to call for any issue on your ClimateMaster or any other brand heat pump.

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Reliable Service

Our customers depend on us to keep their heating and cooling systems running well all year round. When you contact our office, our dedicated team of HVAC professionals will handle your call quickly and efficiently.

We’re committed to serving your needs and we provide a 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year. We can service, repair, replace, and maintain any brand of heat pump.

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